What you will need for the baby? Part 1 – Preparing your bag for your stay at the hospital

Preparing the arrival of your baby is great moment but also sometimes a bit confusing. Your baby is very small but will need plenty of stuffs you have never thought about before.

This article is part of a serie dedicated to the main things you need to buy for your baby.
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The Pregnancy Notes blog offers you the opportunity to have a complete list of what you will or might need for the baby before the delivery and in the following months.

What things you should pack for your stay in hospital

Pack very helpful things for your own comfort or for the baby’s one

This list will include the must haves as well as furniture that is not necessary but that can be very helpful for your own comfort or for the baby’s one.

First of all, I would like to make a list of the main things that you will have to take with you at the hospital in order to be ready to face all situations. Note that this section will include a mix of stuffs you need not to forget before leaving as well as things you will have to buy.

What you need in the emergency room:

First of all, you need to gather some documents that will be helpful to your healthcare provider: ID, blood card, blood tests you did during the pregnancy as well as the results of ultrasound of your baby.

Think about your comfort! Delivery is a tiring and sometimes painful time. Take with you everything that will help you feeling better: water spray, refreshing wipes, stress ball. Take with you comfortable clothes, socks and slippers.

Don’t forget to take with you a watch, your camera and camcorder with full batteries and don’t forget a few things for the father to be: money to buy snacks, magazines as well as his cell phone in order to announce the good news to the family!

If you have one, take your pregnancy pillow. It will be very helpful, particularly if you decide not to have an epidural.

Make apart a small bag with the clothes of your baby in order to give it rapidly to the father. This bag will include bodysuit, sleeper with a hat as well as socks.

What you need for your stay:

For you : pyjamas, toiletries, make up, disposable pants, nursing bras, a mirror, a bag to pack your laundry, hydro alcoholic gel mainly for visitors, sanitary napkins, flip-flop to shower. It might also be useful to take some food with you as what you will receive at the hospital might not be very tasty. Having your own toilet paper, cleaning wipes for the toilets, tissues and nipple cream can also be of use. If you already have some other children take with you a present for them. They will be very happy to receive something from the new baby.

What you will need for the baby

Preparing your bag for your baby

For the baby: bodysuits, sleepers, socks, slippers, hats, pacifier, a blanket, a bunting, bibs, diapers, saline solution to clean his eyes, cotton, diaper cream, cleaning milk, soap, towel, baby bottle, milk if you wish not to nurse your baby.

Prepare your bag in advance in order not to forget anything. Even if some of these stuffs seems not very useful you might have to reconsider your judgement during your stay. Don’t forget that the more you will be ready, the less stressful you will be.


  1. Anne says:

    I am also excited for my friend who will be due next month. I helped her prepared her bag by the time she will go to the hospital and deliver the baby. She asked for advice from me.

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